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Chairman's Message

“The fragrance of flower spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions.”
Human life is diminutive and elfin but the work to be done is extraordinary and enormous. These are two indispensible factors to be apprehended. One is that one has to do the maximum quantum of good work in this ephemeral life, secondly in whatever sphere one keeps one’s feet and unveils one’s capacity, it should be to perfection. For achieving these two goals the sense of human values is an essential attribute. Human values incorporate a wide range of ethics like moral intrepidity, sagacity, massive understanding, compassion, pathos, righteousness, self-discipline, cultivating strength, responsibilities and commitment for interpersonal and social relationship. It dispenses directions not only for individual code of ethics and transcendent advancement but also for the initiation of a social order that mellifluously amalgamates the value of solidity, firmness and progress.

The other side of the coin is very bleak! The increasing value catastrophe in the present Indian society is producing its evil silhouette in all spheres of life. After independence, we are progressing in various fields – economic, industrial, scientific and educational but lagging behind in making a just and value based society. The dreams of our forefathers and true leaders are proving to be fallacious.

Imitating the splendid thoughts of our ancestors, the kaleidoscopic educational system and working style of M.P.S creates such a mosaic which is interwoven with multifarious human values. The quintessential system is like a touchstone, whosoever associates with it, turns into precious gems and glitters in the galaxy. The ethics assimilated in our system empower our associates to mould our students into versatile citizen as serene as the earth, as statuesque as the sky, as angelic as heaven, as staunch as a mountain, as delicate as a dew, as calm as an ocean and as fiery as a volcano. The subtle contemplation and sublime performance along with exalted values are a part and parcel of the grandeur of the never – ending odyssey of M.P.S.

Wishing for bright future
Mr. Tara Chand Shastri
Founder Chairman      
Mrs. Kusum Shastri
Vice President
(Co – Founder)
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